Waiver and release of liability

Express assumption of risk:

I, undersigned, am aware that there are significant risks involved in all aspects of physical training. I recognize that I may be attending the facility and using the facility’s equipment at times when the facility is unattended by facility staff or other members. I assume the risk of injury due to equipment failure, improper form, conduct of others using the facility or other causes related to lack of supervision and waive any claim arising out of the facility being unsupervised or unattended. Use of BE21 Fitness facilities under the 24/7 access program is unmonitored, and the use of BE21 Fitness equipment and facilities is at my own risk. These risks include but are not limited to: falls which can result in serious injury or death, injury or death due to negligence on the part of myself, my training partner, or other people around me, injury or death due to improper use or failure of equipment. I am aware that any of these above-mentioned risks may result in serious injury or death to myself and or my partner(s). I willingly assume full responsibility for the risks that I am exposing myself to and accept full responsibility for any injury or death that may result from participation in any activity or class while at BE21 FITNESS. Membership is at BE21 Fitness’ sole discretion and any violation of the rules and regulations can result in cancellation of membership.


I agree to allow BE21 FITNESS, its agents, officers, principals, employees and volunteers to use pictures(s), film and/or likeness of me for advertising purposes. In the event I choose not to allow the use of the same for said purpose, I agree that I must inform BE21 FITNESS of this in writing.


In consideration of the above mentioned risks and hazards and in consideration of the fact that I am willingly and voluntarily participating in the activities available at BE21 FITNESS, I, the undersigned hereby release BE21 FITNESS, their principals, agents, employees, and volunteers from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, or rights of action, which are related to, arise out of, or are in any way connected with my participation in this activity, including those allegedly attributed to the negligent acts or omissions of the above mentioned parties. This agreement shall be binding upon me, my successors, representatives, heirs, executors, assigns, or transferees. If any portion of this agreement is held invalid, I agree that the remainder of the agreement shall remain in full legal force and effect.

I will hold harmless and indemnify BE21 FITNESS, its directors, officers/managers, agents, instructors and staff and all persons acting under its authority and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns from any and all liability for any damage or injury to the property or persons of any third party resulting from any infection, virus and/or bacteria originating from BE21 FITNESS facilities. 



The participant recognizes that there is risk involved in the types of activities offered by BE21 Fitness and CrossFit® training. Therefore, the participant accepts financial responsibility for any injury that the participant may cause either to him/herself or to any other participant due to his/her negligence. Should the above-mentioned parties, or anyone acting on their behalf be required to incur attorney’s fees and costs to enforce this agreement, I agree to reimburse them for such fees and costs. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless BE21 FITNESS, their principals, agents, employees, and volunteers from liability for the injury or death of any person(s) and damage the property that may result from my negligent or intentional act or omission while participating in activities offered by CrossFit®.

I have read and understand the foregoing assumption of risk, and release of liability and I understand that by signing it obligates me to indemnify the parties named for any liability for injury or death of any person and damage to property caused by my negligent or intentional act or omission. I understand that by signing this form I am waiving valuable legal rights.

Do you Accept?

*By Accepting this Waiver and realease of liability to release and hold harmles BE21 Fitness in the activities performed in the Location.