BE21 Fitness Mobile Access Instructions

We will use this for instructions and step by step guide on how to access the facility directly from their smartphones


HybridAF App Instructions

Your smartphone is your new key to BE21 Fitness Facility. Here are the following steps in order to finalize setting up your account.

1.    Download the #HybridAF App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

2.    Members who purchased a membership and are in good standing with their account will be activated with mobile access to BE21 Fitness Facility.

3.    HybridAF Accounts will be only activated with the same email address associated with you BE21 Fitness Membership.

4.    Upon HybridAF Account being activated, you should receive a confirmation email as, check your spam folder.

6.    If you have received a confirmation e-mail from and you are having trouble locating your password. You can reset your password by clicking Forgot Password directly from the app and you will receive an email on how to Reset Your Password.

7.    Upon account activation please make sure, your profile account information is the same as your BE21 Fitness Profile Information to avoid interruptions. Both can be checked directly from your Apps.

8.    Make sure BE21 Fitness is your Home Gym

9.    Once you access the #HybridAF app you will be prompted to Accept BE21 Fitness Gym Recommendations and Rules and the Waiver and Realease of Liability. Please read them carefully, and accept, prior entering the facility.

10. Enjoy the WOD!


How to use the HybridAF App to access BE21 Fitness Facility

1.    Sign In with your email and password

2.    Press “Locations” on the home screen

3.    Find the gym location from the list provided

4.    Review the waivers/rules as required

5.    Entrance Main Door Only located on 53 SW 11th Street, Miami FL 33130

6.    Press and hold “Unlock” until you feel the mobile device vibrate

7.     You now have a “5” second window to enter the designated network gym door.

Any questions please feel free to reach out at

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