Gym Recommendations and Rules

1.    Remember you are coming to build your habits by committing yourself to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

2.    Waiver must be signed prior using the facility.

3.    We LOVE referrals, just make sure they have submitted their information in 24 hours in advance. Instructions will be emailed for his/her access.

4.    All members and guests must sign in before using the facility and equipment, for both Open Gym and ISGT™ Session Appointments.

5.    Non-Authorized personnel can be allowed to access the facility, please do NOT open the door for others.

6.    Do not bring or otherwise allow a person younger than 18 years of age to access the facility without permission of management.


1st Violation Verbal Warning

2nd Violation $30 fine immediately charged to card on file

3rd Violation $60 fine immediately charged to card on file


Additional Violations of these rules will result in additional $60 fines or will result in

revocation of Mobile Access to the BE21 Fitness Facility and may result in termination of gym membership.


7.    We thrive on delivering personalized customer service and like to greet you on a first name basis!  Please keep the app updated and upload a current portrait photo on your profile.

8.    Use equipment carefully and follow all directions.

9.    Feel free to drop weights, no one will complain! However, be mindful of your surroundings.

10. All equipment and weights must be re-racked or returned to the proper location. Remove potential trip hazards from floor and return all weight-to-weight rack after you are finished lifting the weight.

11. Utilize a spotter whenever lifting heavy weight. We are here to uplift each other.

12. Remember to wear closed shoes and proper fitness attire. Shirtless is allowed!

13. Please make sure to pay any items taken from the fridge must be paid in the POS lobby reception area. Or you can pay via Venmo (QR Code)

14. Do not use the gym if you are feeling sick! Your health and the ones around you are our priority

15. NO DRUGS or ALCOHOL allowed in the facilities. No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs is permitted in the gym at any time

16. Athletes alone in the gym should keep their HybridAF app nearby in order to use the 911 feature if required. In an emergency, press the button, which will assist you in calling 911

17. Main door entrance only. All others are EXIT doors must remain closed. Do NOT open doors for others.

18. Turn off lights in front section of the gym (switch by the main door), as well as the music if you are the last one in the facility during extended hours.

19. The gym is monitored 24/7 by surveillance camera system.


Keeping our facility safe is of the utmost importance. With these recommendations, we can ensure the safety of all members. We hope that by following these rules and guidelines you will have a safe feeling environment in which to train at any time!

By Clicking Accept your agree to abide by these Gym Recommnedations and Rules terms.