Luciana Vidal

Luciana Vidal


Coach Luciana has been a CrossFit and Precision Nutrition coach for several years but has been passionate about health and fitness for her entire life. This passion began in Brazil where she played soccer from a very young age through to playing in college and several years after that. In Brazil she earned her degrees in Physiotherapy and Sports science.  After retiring from soccer, she found CrossFit and fell in love. Luciana believes that physical and mental capacity through CrossFit and nutrition is for everyone.  Currently she is focussed on teaching people without any experience in crossfit or fitness in general. She’s passionate about biomechanics and her main priority is to coach people on proper form, how to maximize training and nutrition, sleep and recovery. She understands that building new habits is a hard, long journey and that’s why her approach is very doable and personalized for each individual. Luciana also believes that through regular HABITs of strength training, conditioning, nutrition, and recovery, everyone can BUILD bodies that are stronger and live longer, happier lives far into the FUTURE.

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