Adriana Lamus

Adriana Lamus


  • CrossFit Level 2
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Basic Life Support Certified (BLS)


  • B.S. in Psychology
  • M.S. in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology
  • Precision Nutrition Coach


Movement has always played a deciding role in Nana’s life: she practiced gymnastics and BMX early on in her childhood when she first-handedly experienced the benefits sports brought to her body. 

Adriana has a Bachelor in Psychology and a Masters in Movement Sciences Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology. Adriana’s fascination with sports and fitness flourished when she embarked on her own fitness journey. 

She, thus, became certified as a Level 1 & Level 2 CrossFit trainer. She is a Precision Nutrition Coach and Basic Life Suport (BLS) certified and she is currently pursuing the Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist certification. 

Adriana’s experience working with individuals and groups in the mental health and fitness field have rewarded her with a profound respect for the human capacity to heal, transcend obstacles, and flourish, cementing her devotion to help others achieve their goals.


Help people BUILD habits to improve their SHAPE through flexible dieting and mindset exercises.

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